Ohio Fire Pit Tables

Humans have long had a relationship with fire; using it for light, warmth and to cook food.  It is no surprise that we are still attracted to fire to this day, and we still use it for those same basic reasons.  Firetainment has recognized this and incorporated all of those aspects into our custom fire pit tables, which are available all across Ohio including Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus.  When we set out to create this functional and unique piece of casual furniture, we wanted to be sure that we produced a quality, multi-functional product that could be enjoyed year round.  Our custom fire pit tables are great for keeping warm on a chilly night, grilling or cooking hibachi style food, and to gather around in casual conversation over drinks.FE0234 768x512 Ohio

What Every Backyard Needs

With our variety of styles and your ability to customize color, surface, and filling, we have created a product that will accentuate any outdoor patio or deck area in Ohio.  Our custom fire pit tables are the perfect centerpiece to gather around with friends and family alike while enjoying drinks or simply watching the flames dance while enjoying conversation.  Not only do our custom fire pit tables encourage comradery and togetherness, but they are also built to last against the Ohio elements.  Our custom fire pit tables feature granite or polished quartz surfaces and a base that is coated in marine grade powder on an aluminum frame.  Additionally, all of our parts used in manufacturing are sourced right here in the United States.

When developing this product, we also wanted to ensure that the functionality of our fire pit tables was unparalleled.  The base of each fire pit table features a removable door for easy access to replace the standard 20lb propane tank that is hidden underneath.  Paired with our ‘cooking package’, you can quickly convert our fire pit tables to a hibachi style grill in the center of the table.  So, whether you want to relax over some drinks, cook dinner or just keep warm, our custom Ohio fire pit tables will be sure to satisfy every need.

Firetainment is proud to serve the entire United States with our online store, and we have also partnered with over 150 registered dealers so that you can see our product and experience its quality in person.  Our product is available in all of Ohio including Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus.  Use our store locator tool at the top to find the dealer nearest you!