New York Fire Pit Tables

Stunning Propane Fire Pit Tables for your New York home

You have worked hard to make your home beautiful and enjoyable for the entire family. Your backyard should be just as luxurious, just as comfortable, and just as innovatively functional as any room of your house. With the stylish look and impressive durability of a custom modeled New York fire pit table in your yard or outdoor patio, you can entertain friends and loved ones around a sophisticated setting uniquely suited to your home.

Since 2011, Firetainment has provided stunning high-quality fire tables to families in areas across New York state, including New York city, Brook Haven, and the Town of Hempstead. Fire pit tables bring an atmosphere of warmth and welcoming to outdoor scenery needing that extra stunning touch. Our products are ANSI certified and manufactured entirely in the United States. Quality American made material in a functional modern design is what sets us apart from the typical humdrum deck furniture.

Choose from a Delightful Range of Options

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Our New York fire pit tables are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Each fire table is made from a marine grade powder coated aluminum, to ensure added luster and durability. Even throughout the harshest weather conditions, our fire pit tables remain resilient against the wind, rain, frost, and humidity. From a sleek modern finish with decorative colored fire glass or a more classic ensemble with granite counters and lava rocks, we have the perfect look and panache to compliment any area, along with a full range of additional custom features. Whether you want a small round fire table design for a cozy and intimate meal, or a broad rectangle table for spacious lounging, we offer the trendiest styles to meet every occasion.

In addition to the awe-inspiring light display of dancing flames, every propane fire pit table is fully functional, doubling as a spectacular Hibachi style grill when you include our optional cooking package. Prepare appetizing delights for the family atop an eye-catching display. Our fire pit tables hold a 20-pound propane tank, stored safely behind a hidden and easily accessible compartment.

Delight Friends and Family with a Unique Hibachi Fire Pit Table

Our mission at Firetainment is to create a gathering place for families, making every meal a spectacular event and furnishing a wonderful environment to appreciate the beauty of our homes and the company of our loved ones. A fire table at the center of your outdoor furniture is the beacon of that very gathering place. Call our customer care team today to learn more about the phenomenal features of American made fire pit tables.