Massachusetts Fire Pit Tables

Bring the Glow of a Fire Pit Table to Your Massachusetts Home

When you install a quality custom designed fire table for your Massachusetts yard or outdoor patio, you share in the mesmerizing spectacle of chic, modern design amidst the glow of dancing firelight. Your backyard should be as attractive and inviting as any room in your house and feature a radiant centerpiece to dazzle and amaze friends and visitors. Our fire pit tables in Massachusetts are of the highest quality, performing at the peak of every season with strain or deterioration.

Every part of your home should hold an opportunity for friends and loved ones to gather and enjoy the pleasure of togetherness.  A Massachusetts fire table from Firetainment transforms your outdoor patio into a delightful attraction and an eye-catching display for family members young and old. We believe in creating unique furnishings that inspire families to convene and enjoy the scenery of an ambient outdoor setting. 

Create a Unique Dining Experience

A Massachusetts propane fire pit table from Firetainment is more than just a stunning centerpiece. Upgrade to our optional cooking package to transform your fire table into a breathtaking Hibachi style grill complete with accessories.

Our optional cooking package includes:

  • Hibachi Style Cooking Station
  • Universal Cooking Mount
  • Patio Dining Table
  • Wind Guard Made of Tempered Glass
  • 14 Cast Iron Griddle
  • 2 Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks
  • Surface Mount Thermometer
  • 2 Cooking Mitts

Your family will adore fabulous meals seared on blocks of pure Himalayan salt for a succulent, nutritious and wholly exotic flavor. Why cook greasy burgers on a messy charcoal grill when you can truly dine with luxurious style?

American Quality Manufacturing for Every Massachusetts Fire Pit Table

Our fire pit tables are capable of withstanding the harshest elements and are fully functional in every season for any weather. The marine grade aluminum alloy and our extensive 9 stage powder coat process guarantee a lifelong luster of the brand new finish. Whether you want to use your fire table in Massachusetts to watch fireworks on New Year’s Eve or entertain guests on the Fourth of July, you will be pleased and entertained by the dependable and aesthetic glow of beautiful flames.

We provide easy and prompt delivery of propane fire pit tables to Massachusetts homes throughout the state, including Boston, Worcester, Lowell, and the surrounding communities. Every fire table arrives preassembled for quick installation and is manufactured entirely in the United States. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives will happily guide you through our impressive variety of trendy and stylish designs, custom suited to any décor. Call today to begin your order.