Made in America

Made in America

Our fire pit tables are proudly Made in America

The Story Behind Firetainment’s Vision to Support American Made Products

When we set out to create Firetainment in 2011, it was always our vision to produce high quality, American Made products. From material sourcing to manufacturing, we wanted to ensure the overall quality of our unique fire tables, while contributing to our local economy. As Firetainment has grown into the company it is today, we haven’t let this vision slip through the cracks. Instead, it has become an even larger component of how we operate today.

As our company has grown, we’ve continued to find new ways to streamline production while maintaining the same product quality that Firetainment has built its name around. To achieve this, we worked with the leading engineers in the industry to implement new, streamlined manufacturing processes, and spent time analyzing each component in person, giving us the ability to incorporate extensive quality control measures within the production of our products. This hands-on approach is just one of the reasons why we insist on keeping our products Made in America.

Keeping our manufacturing process here in the United States means our timelines and our processes are streamlined. By maintaining a ‘lean’ manufacturing process in the U.S., we don’t have to wait on containers of back ordered products to arrive before filling an order. With our streamlined manufacturing processes, we simply go into production, and fulfill orders as necessary.

Here, each piece of domestically purchased metal starts out by being laser cut to size, bent to the required dimension, and then finished by an American welder. To ensure only quality products make it through to the next step in the production floor schedule, each portion of the fabrication process is observed by a ‘Quality Control Specialist.’

In addition to keeping our manufacturing process in the United States, giving back to the community has always been something we have wanted to do more of as we became ‘able’ to do so. After our biggest year-to-date and a great forecast for the coming years, we have become more able to help out as planned. This year we’ve focused our eye on the ‘Children’s Home Society of Florida’, the ‘Special Olympics of Florida’, the ‘American Cancer Society’, the ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation’, the ‘Hope and Help Center of Central Florida’, and the ‘Relay for Life’ organizations as they are near to our staff and personal families. We feel these are areas that most people tend to forget, which is all the more reason for our company to remain a staple in the local community.

So in closing, what is ‘American-Made’? It is the ability to create jobs, the ability to be proactive in the local economy, the ability to manufacture products with strict standards, to add value within your community, and last but not least, to maintain the ‘American-Dream’ each of our families have fought for over the history of this great country. Firetainment will continue to uphold these values and lead the way to bringing more product manufacturing back onto American soil for the future of our economy and the quality of the products we stamp the Firetainment brand on.

Shawn Clark

CEO, Firetainment Inc.