Florida Fire Pit Tables

Enhance Your Home with a Unique Fire Pit Table

In order for your backyard to feature the full comfort, style, and leisurely sophistication that you deserve, you need a centerpiece that is an eye-catching and chic as it is functional and well suited. Fire pit tables from Firetainment are made from first class top quality ingredients and feature the utmost in unique custom options to make your outdoor setting dazzlingly impressive. Imagine joining with friends and loved ones to enjoy the gorgeous Florida weather amidst the flickering sway of decorative firelight.

With a fire pit table in your yard, simple gatherings become a memorable event touched with aesthetic ambiance. We serve families across the country, delivering pre-assembled custom designed fire pit tables in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and throughout Florida. Every piece is ANSI certified and manufactured entirely in America by the most skilled professionals in the industry.

A Fully Functional Florida Fire Pit Table in Any Weather

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Our propane fire pit tables are crafted from marine grade aluminum, powder-coated to produce luster and shine that lasts through even the heaviest weather. Through winter frosts, sweltering humidity, and torrential rains, your fire table will remain durable and fully functional in every weather condition. Roast Smores beneath the brilliance of July fireworks or calmly enjoy the twinkle of dancing flames beside holiday lights.  For every occasion, we provide the look and ambience of total quality.

Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to best match the unique quality of your outdoor setting with an attractive designer fire table. Trendy modern designs are available in long rectangular fire pit table designs perfect for large parties, the smaller round look for intimate settings, or any size square in between. No matter your currant décor, we  have the look to match your fabulous style , including options for granite counters or quartz, lava rocks or colored fire glass.

Family Meals Are Better Over A Hibachi Fire Pit Table

Make the utmost use of a decorative fire pit table with the additional cooking package option. Your friends and family will be astounded by the mouth-watering delights prepared over the Hibachi style fire pit table grill. The delightful flames of a custom propane fire pit table are more than an appealing conversation starter, but also a spectacle to gather for meals, treats, and one of a kind togetherness. Each cooking packages comes with multiple useful accessories like the cast iron skillet and Himalayan salt cooking blocks.

We believe in creating a meeting place for families, to encourage bonding and happiness over a satisfying meal. Our fire pit tables are better than any typical lawn furniture, design to be incredibly durable and fascinatingly useful. Call our customer care team today  to begin your order.  Visit our store locator to find a vendor near you!