Firetainment Inc. designs and creates unique fire pit tables for home and commercial outdoor patio, deck, and backyard spaces. Firetainment’s line of fire pit tables are the only market products that combine features of an outdoor dining table, hibachi grill, and fire pit all in one piece of outdoor furniture.


Are there granite table options other than the standard options?

Yes. We can customize the granite color. This may be subject to additional charges.

Can the table top sizes be modified?

Yes. Table top modifications can be made as long as the structural integrity is upheld. Some modifications may be subjected to additional charges.

Does the base come in different heights?

Our standard cooking height table is 24” which accommodates most standard size seating. For lower profile seating a 21” high base is recommended.

Do I need to be concerned about rust?

Firetainment tables, due to the powder coated finish, will not rust. The value assembly connecting the gas tank and the control switch is made of stainless steel connections and it too will not rust. The burner pan is made of stainless steel that is high temperature powder coated that will not rust. Our tables are made to last and made in the USA. We guarantee it!

Sometimes the flame has a tornado effect, why?

The propane/air mixture in the tank can make the flame have some pretty cool effects as it travels through the glass. The specific effect usually occurs as the gas levels get lower.

Sometimes I hear a whistling sound, what is this?

Not to worry. This is a sign that the gas level in the tank is getting low.

How long will a 20lb propane tank last?

A full 20 lb propane tank will last between 18 and 22 hours depending on the amount of air in the tank and how the flame level is controlled. The propane pressure guage is helpful in determining the amount of fuel left. It is prudent to have a spare tank just in case.

Fire Glass

How much Fire Glass fits into the different pan sizes?

14” Square Burner Pan = 18 lb’s of Glass; 16” Square Burner Pan = 23 lb’s of Glass; 20” Round Burner Pan = 28 lb’s of Glass

Which color should I choose?

One of the beauties of this product is its versatility. You have the option of choosing multiple colors and the ability to mix and match them as you desire to create a custom look. A popular combination is a mixture of Black or Bronze as it ties in nicely with wood tones, natural stone and granite and has a subtle touch of warmth. If you are looking for something a little brighter and more contemporary you may consider Gold or Blue which can pull in the color of pool water.

What colors are available?

Our standard colors are Gold, Bronze, Black, Blue, Blue Blend, Aqua Blend, and Earth Blend. These colors can be mixed at any percentage the customer wants. Other colors as well as seasonal blends are available at an additional charge.

Is there clean up or maintenance required?

When using this glass, there is no dirt or ashes. Therefore your fire table always looks nice and clean even when you’re not using it. One can expect some contamination when cooking over the fire glass. Drops of food may cause stains on the Fire Glass. If drops of food get into fire glass just put in a container with a little bit of dish detergent, rinse, dry, and replace.

Does the Fire Glass ever burn or fade?

Definitely Not! The process used to manufacture our glass ensures that it will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes. It is also guaranteed to keep its brilliant color.

Reflective Fire Glass

Fire Glass is heat tempered glass that is processed through a tumbler to prevent rough or cutting edges. Reflective fire glass amplifies the intensity of the fire by reflecting the light of the flames. During the day the glass continues to shine as it catches the light of the sun. Reflective fire glass has been vigorously polished to give it a mirror like finish. It will not melt, degrade, emit toxic fumes and does not create ash or smoke.

The Beauty of Fire Glass

There are many different sizes, colors and types of Fire Glass that we have one that will be perfect for your decor. Fire Glass is heat tempered glass that is processed through a tumbler to prevent rough or cutting edges.

Burner Assembly

What if water gets in the pan?

Our pans have seep holes drilled into the bottom so moisture will fall though but not allow the glass to fall through.

Are there color options with the pan?

The pans are made of stainless steel and are high temperature powder coated black. It is optional to not have the brushed stainless powder coated.

What is the size of the burner?

The burner is a 12 inch star burner which is specified for our cooking tables.

Sometimes I hear a whistling sound, what is this?

Not to worry. This is a sign that the gas level in the tank is getting low.

How do I ignite the burner?

First, turn the propane tank on. Second, have an extension lighter on over the burner. Third, slowly turn clockwise the control knob until the flame ignites.

What is the maximum flame height?

The control knob manually regulates the height of the flame up to 14 inches.

How reliable are the connections?

The connection hoses are braided stainless steel to prevent corrosion and withstand extreme outdoor conditions. The propane air mixer valve that connects the hoses is also non corrosive and will withstand extreme outdoor condition.