Since its founding in 2011, Firetainment, Inc. has made its mark in the outdoor furniture industry as the only high-end fire pit table manufacturer that enables hibachi-style cooking at home. Established by Shawn Clark and Kevin Fulp, Firetainment has more than 150 dealers throughout the country.

We build the fire pit tables everyone loves.

Whether you’re cooking sirloins with the family or unwinding with a glass of cabernet sauvignon, our “Firetaining” centers will undoubtedly become the heart of your home.

Each of our all-season fire pit tables is handcrafted in the USA from the finest materials and are ANSI certified. Firetainment Inc, headquartered in Orlando, FL, is recognized throughout the casual furniture marketplace for being the outdoor fire product innovators, with a main focus on customer service, quality components, and design function. Our sophisticated, modern designs complement any outdoor space and can be designed for an even better custom fit. Select from one of our classic customizable fire pit tables for every outdoor space, or allow us to personally design one to fit your commercial entertaining and cooking needs.

Outdoor furniture granite top fire pit table

Executive Team

Firetainment Inc. designs and creates unique gas fire pit tables for home and commercial outdoor patio, deck, and backyard spaces. Firetainment’s line of copper and granite fire pit tables are the only market products that combine features of an outdoor dining table, hibachi grill, and fire pit all in one piece of outdoor furniture. Discover the power of “Firetaining” as our centers will undoubtedly become the heart and soul of your home.

Shawn Clark, CEO

Shawn is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Firetainment, Inc. His extensive background in fabrication and operations management has helped him turn his vision for the high-end fire pit table company into a reality. In 2011 the company began manufacturing and selling versatile fire pit tables that can be used for entertaining, adding ambiance, and cooking. In his role as CEO, Shawn oversees operations, develops and implements strategy, and manages projects and personnel. His goal is to turn Firetainment into the number one manufacturer of outdoor fire products in the industry.

Community Involvement

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