Chicago Fire Pit Tables

Have you ever stood on your patio or deck and thought ‘Man, there’s something missing here!”?  Well, If you live in or around Chicago, Firetainment may have the solution you have been looking for in our functional, modern and unique fire pit tables.  For over 5 years we have been providing our customers with the casual dining solution that what was previously missing to an evening spent outside with family or friends on the patio.  With our vast choices in shape, size, finish, height and color you can be sure that our fire pit table will become the highlight of your Chicago homes’ backyard. 

Unique Style

Depending on the theme or style of your patio area in Chicago, Firetainment provides several variations to meet your desired look.  Some fire pit tables, like “The Malibu” are more modern looking, featuring your choice of polished quartz or granite in your choice of color, evoking feelings and images reminiscent of the beautiful California coastline.  Others, such as “The Tuscany” are designed and crafted to have more of a Mediterranean look that promotes their culture of unity.  Our fire pit tables come in your choice of square, rectangle or circle featuring varying colors of lava rocks or fire glass. 

Made in America

Established in 2011, Firetainment has offered superior quality fire pit tables that are made right here in America with the highest quality materials, resulting in our product being ANSI certified.  Each table comes equipped with a standard, 20lb propane tank hook-up that is also convertible to natural gas in the event you have a natural gas line at your Chicago home that you would like to utilize.  The base of each of our products is made from powder covered aluminum to ensure durability to the elements, and also feature an easy access, removable panel for propane tank maintenance.  We also recommend that you pair our eligible fire pit tables with our cooking package so that you and your family can enjoy a hibachi style grill and home cooked meals at a moment’s notice. 

At Firetainment, we believe that everyone in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs should have access to our one of our incredibly functional and uniquely styled fire pit tables.  We have several locations in and around Chicago so the residents of Evanston, Highland Park, Glencoe, Lake Forest and other communities can come experience the elegance that is Firetainment.  Contact us today, or use our store locator tool to learn more about our uniquely sophisticated and surprisingly functional fire pit tables.