Alabama Fire Pit Tables

Custom Hibachi Fire Pit Tables

When your friends and loved ones are invited to your home, you will want to be able to offer them an ambiance that is steeped in sophisticated style and luxury, not simply to impress or show but to create an opportunity to socialize and entertain. Firetainment is dedicated to the idea of providing quality family bonding experiences by encouraging a setting that is as inviting and impressive as it is practical. Because custom Alabama fire pit tables are functional in any weather and during any season, the same backdrop where you gathered for cold drinks by the flicker of firelight on a musky summer evening is an equaling appealing spot for taking in the scenery of a brisk winter day.

Reassured Versatility

The clear benefit of a custom design is the opportunity to match the décor of your outdoor patio with a style and size that is immediately impressive as if your back yard were built around the fire pit itself! We offer more custom features and available additions that any other fire element on the market. Our Alabama fire pit tables options are sophisticated and modern, made from impressive all natural stone tops. You can decide if the best fit for your outdoor setting should include an intimate family round or an elongated rectangle for spacious lounging.

The optional cooking package is another feature that cannot be missed. Your guests will be wowed when they find that the dancing flames of your decorative fire pit table also double as a conveniently effective Hibachi style grill! Prepare hot mouth watering meals or tasty smores by the blaze of a hypnotic fire, an occasion that your family will hurry to not miss.    

Leaders in Service

We use only marine grade aluminum alloys to protect against the risk of rust even in the harshest weather conditions. Durable granite and polished quartz countertops are finished with an extensive 9 stage powder coating that ensures a patina of wondrous long lasting shine. Despite the worst effects of Alabama weather, our fire pit tables are designed to withstand all manner of elements, remaining fully functional in every season, regardless of sun, rain, or frost.

For over 5 years now, Firetainment has been devoted to providing quality family experiences around our Alabama fire pit tables with uncompromised standards. We offer prompt and convenient delivery of our custom fire pit tables throughout the state of Alabama, including Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile areas. Every step of our manufacturing process is completed right here in America, and consistently meets the standards of ANSI certification. Every fire pit is preassembled for fast, easy installation, and our customer care service team is available at any time to assist you. Do not hesitate, begin your custom order today.